Welcome to Our Golf Club

Enjoy the advantages of the most popular and well-received sport

Golf for Everyone

Even beginners can enjoy playing golf at our club’s 18-hole Course

Why Choose Our Club

Big Al's Greens & Grille offers a variety of advantages that make your game at our club absolutely unforgettable. Listed below are some of the bonuses and great options available to our club members on a free basis.

Golf Academy

Let your child discover the fascination of golf, a game with a great history! Our Golf Academy welcomes kids up to 15 y.o.

Golfing Tournaments

Our club regularly organizes golf tournaments for seasoned players and enthusiasts. Feel free to choose an event according to your skills.

Professional Championships

Our club frequently hosts professional golf championships with players from all over the world.

Events & Weddings

Our certified team can customize every celebration down to the finest, most elegant detail, be it a party or wedding.


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