A Few Words About Our Championships

As the leading golf club in the area, we organize regular championships and tournaments for students, enthusiasts, and professional players. Everyone can enjoy their game and compete with others during these events.

There is a variety of championships, tournaments, and other golf related events available to our club members as well as to professional golf players. Whether you want to try your skills in the professional golf league or are just looking for a challenge, there is always something for you in our variety of golf championships.

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Easy Reservation

You can easily take part in any championship just by booking a tee time at our golf course or by contacting our managers to discuss something specific.

Best Course

Our club is widely known for having the longest hole, and you can always take a chance and experience it for yourself at any golf championship.

Driving Range

We aslo have a Driving Range and you can enjoy practicing.    


This was an experience I enjoyed immensely. The day I played the course it was very windy but it made little impact. The fairways were so good it was like walking on a mattress but firm enough to let the ball carry.

Harry Wilson

Club Member

I am an experienced golf player and I like your golf club very much. Your course is immaculately maintained and very challenging. I think I will be back very soon to enjoy one of your upcoming golf events.

Pamela Stevens

Club Member

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