A Few Words About Our Training

Our team of professional golf instructors has what it takes to teach anyone how to play golf, from beginner to pro level. They also offer personal golf lessons, which are affordably priced and available to everyone.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tournament player, golf training can help you achieve your goals. Our qualified instructors will take the time to create a lesson program that meets your needs, whether it's swing basics or eighteen holes of playing strategy. With us, you will be quickly prepared to your first golf tournament.

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We are committed to developing golfers of all ages and abilities. Our staff takes time to deliver insightful instruction in a genuine, helpful and friendly way. Our philosophy reaches beyond the game of golf to help build the skills and disciplines that set the foundation for lifelong golfers no matter the age.

Personalized lessons deliver the best results for golfers of all ages and abilities. Personalized to your goals, swing and ability to make the most of your golfing experience, our professionals offer lessons for all skill levels. Golfix is pleased to offer a wide variety of lessons and teaching options to fit any skill level. Our lessons, both group and private, are designed to fit your style of golf and your personal preferences in this. No matter how old or young you are, you can always leran how to play golf and get benefit from your newly mastered skills.

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Professional Instruction

Our golf coaches provide professional instruction to beginner and intermediate players who would like to acquire new golf skills while playing their favorite game.

Personalized Lessons

Looking for a personalized golf training experience? We can offer you what you need! Our instructors will deliver our guests with the most effective level of private coaching.


This was an experience I enjoyed immensely. The day I played the course it was very windy but it made little impact. The fairways were so good it was like walking on a mattress but firm enough to let the ball carry.

Harry Wilson

Club Member

I am an experienced golf player and I like your golf club very much. Your course is immaculately maintained and very challenging. I think I will be back very soon to enjoy one of your upcoming golf events.

Pamela Stevens

Club Member

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